Most Visited Hotels in UAE

Most Visited Hotels in UAE


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The United Arab Emirates is known in the world for the luxuries that its people enjoy. Being a country rich in tourism, it invites people from around the world to enjoy the same amenities worth visiting. People set this country as the destination place for their vacations. Whenever someone gets enough money, he cannot resist going to the United Arab Emirates. 

After the discovery of oil reserves, all these Arab states became rich in a single night, but the story doesn’t end here. Because the Sheikh rulers worked hard to utilize that money to become more affluent, they made the United Arab Emirates a symbol of tourism in the world. Whether it is Burj al Arab in Dubai or desert hotel Al Ain, all the hotels here are iconic ones. Here are the details of the most visited hotels in the UAE. 

1- Burj Al Arab Dubai

It is the only ten-star hotel in Dubai that is known around the world for its luxurious environment. Staying even one night at this hotel is worth it. It attracts people throughout the globe like magnets are attracted. Taking pictures with it is a necessary thing that visitors do.

2- Al Ain Resort Abu Dhabi

Al Ain Resort is suitable for you if you want to enjoy life like people enjoyed hundreds of years before. A beautiful pool amid the desert and palm trees providing a nostalgic look enchants the viewers. If someone gets to Abu Dhabi, Al Ain Resort is a must-visit place for them.

3- Mysk Kingfisher Retreat, Sharjah 

Another fantastic resort in another state of the United Arab Emirates, Mysk Kingfisher Retreat, is located in Sharjah. If you want to enjoy the beauty in a calm environment, then this is the right place. In the tent rooms, you find all the luxuries in a five-star hotel. It is worth staying here. 

Final Thoughts

The United Arab Emirates became a sign of tourism worldwide because it provides the most exciting spots there. Whether these are visiting places or restaurants, all are unique in themselves. You will find the most fantastic version of each and everything in the UAE. Restaurants in the UAE are worth visiting.

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